Russian Google “Yandex” launches Android app store

The gigantic Russian Google ‘Yandex‘ has revealed the launch of an Android app store.

Named as the company is already stirring curiosity at Most probably it is anticipated to turn ‘live’ this quarter.

As per website, over 38,000 Android apps are currently available with the store and with each passing day they are expanding its number.

Yandex store will even execute on the basis of revenue sharing and will certainly acquire 30pc of revenue produced by the paid applications.

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This store also provides the consumers with payment options which comprise of mobile billing, credit card and e-money.

According to the accessible screenshots, the front of the store appears most like a combination of Google Play store client and Amazon app store, offering the users with a conventional feeling.

Yandex from quite early is giving a strong competition with Google in many businesses from Maps, to Search in Russia and now yearns to expand that to app distribution.

The app store of Yandex will be obtainable to telecom operator and makers to pack with their Android devices.

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They’ll be potential enough to brand it to fit their requirements.

As per the company, the store will be released in Russia firstly and after that Yandex releases the apps in other distinct markets like Turkey and other CIS republics. In later times the roll-out will be available globally.

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