Top 5 Android Apps for Printing using Android Phones or Tablets

Mostly all of us enjoy our smart phone like hell and feel it as one of our closest friend, which has become a part of all the joy and sorrows we have come across.

But when it comes to the manufacturers calling mobile phone as smart phone comes with hell lot of reasons.

Today most of the Smartphone’s focus on the productivity and as the technology is advancing; people are seeking more space to do whatever they like.

This is one of the prominent reasons, we are getting high-end cameras and pretty good features to enjoy and to do a lot with our smartphones.

Even for the business tycoons there are plenty of business friendly apps.

Android apps are now available for everyone. In this article we are here with a list of Best 5 Android Apps for printing from your Android Device.

For using this app what all you need to do is to install the app from the android market, and a wireless printer.

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Samsung Mobile Print Android App for Printing

Samsung mobile print is one of the best Android apps for printing for people using the Samsung wireless printers.

What you have to do is upload the free applications that allow printing photos, documents and web pages directly from your smart phones and tablet.

The best part of this app is that it has an easy to use interface.

You can directly download from the link.

Simply open and select the file you want to print and again choose the printer and select the page set up.

Finally click on the print. It’s available for free on Google Play Store.

Canon Easy-Photo Print

Canon easy photo print is the best app for the canon wireless printer.

It is one of the free applications available in the android market.

What makes this app out of the box is that you can find out all the compatible printers in your network and moreover, it can print 39 at a one go.

Download app for free on Google Play Store.

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Brother iPrint and Scan:

Almost like the other two apps, brother iprint and scan works with only brother wireless printers.

For installing this app, you don’t need any rocket science again. It allows you to easily print and scan photos and documents.

To identify about the model support you can check the company’s website.

The best part of this Android App for Printing  is that you can print photos, web pages and files both in pdf and documents format, which is not supported by most of the apps.

Get app from App Store.

HP ePrint Home and Biz:

When it comes to Hp ePrint Home and biz, it is one of the best Android apps for printing launched from world’s best printing machines.

I have heard people saying that nothing comes out as a free lunch but this app does.

Simply you can download this app from the android and can print from the inkjet and laserjet wireless printers.

Amazingly unlike others, while using this printer not only you can print but somehow crop and edit your photos interestingly.

Moreover, it supports 200 printer models and is easy to set up and work. Available for free download on Google Play Store.

Espon Print:

Espon has its own name in the field of photo printing manufactures.

It can also print the print outs on glossy photo papers and you can do it with any Espon wireless printers.

For smartphone users you can simply install the app at the free of cost and keep printing photos, scan documents, web pages.

The best part of this app is that you can even print data from the box, dropbox, google docs and ever note. Avail for free on Play Store.

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