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When the needs increase, people come up with new inventions and creations to ease their tasks. As a result of that, many devices came to us. SmartPhone is a good example of a new invention. As we all know, a smartphone without mobile apps is totally useless. An App plays a major role in a phone. So as in a PC or Laptop. There are hundreds of thousands of apps in the app market. These apps are used for different purposes. So, YouCut is also an app that is especially used for entertainment purposes. YouCut can be introduced as a professional video editing application that could possibly convert your smartphone videos into real movie clips. With its quickness, simplicity, and intuitiveness, any task using YouCut is always possible.


What is YouCut?

This question is a common question asked by many. Well, what is this app actually? YouCut is a super quality video editor with the best features such as Music Editing, Text Edits, Slideshows, Merging, and Trimming. YouCut is the best Video Editor, Video Trimmer, and Video Joiner of all, which helps you to do any video editing task. This app can be used in many areas. As an example, if you need to edit your videos in order to upload them in your Social media accounts or else in YouTube, using YouCut, you can trim, merge, add texts and filters to it and make it look professional before uploading them. Many YouTubers use this app to edit their YouTube Videos.

YouCut Apk Features

YouCut provides many quality features along with basic features such as trimming and merging. These super functioning features are very useful when it comes to a professional edit. Well, let’s discuss.

Free of Charge

YouCut is a free Video Editor and a Video Maker where they provide all the facilities free of charge. Additionally, this does not have banner ads that disturb you.

Video Merging and Joining

YouCut Apk can merge two or more clips into one video clip and upload them as one. Moreover, YouCut does the basics such as joining and compressing.

Trimmer and Cutter

Cut and Trim are major roles in a video editor where you can trim a lengthy video into parts and save them one by one separately. This function is super important since there will be no quality reduction while trimming or cutting a video. The video can be saved in High Quality.

Splitter and Slicer

As same as merging two videos into one, you can also split and slice one video into two. 

Video Speed Controller

This feature is quite new to the status. Using YouCut now, you are able to change the speed of the video from fast to slow. This also includes effects and filters you can join while you change the speed. This slow-motion is specially used to highlight special moments.

Slideshow maker

You can also make videos by adding your photos as a slideshow. You can merge photos and create a fantastic photo movie clip. Also, you can add your favorite music to it, and I’m sure that it will give the most fantastic feeling whenever you watch your video.

No Watermarks

The videos do not have any watermark when they are saved.

youcut apk download

How to download?

YouCut Apk can be downloaded via the internet using its official website. Moreover, you can also download the app from your Google Play Store. Downloading the app from your Google Play Store is the easiest way.


YouCut is a professional video editing application that has been offered by the famous company InShot Inc. The app was officially released on 15th October 2014. There are over 50 million users of this application up to now. To contact and get more ideas, please use the mail, [email protected].

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