Lockit APK – Your Personal Locker For Files Android 2023

Lockit APK is the easiest and most secure way to hide your personal files and the app has been designed to be user friendly and boasts a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy to use.

One of the best features is that you can lock down your files with a personalized password or fingerprint in case someone else attempts to access them without permission.

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Lockit APK also lets you set up a scheduled locker and with this app, you can lock down your photos, documents and other personal files in a way that can only be unlocked with your fingerprint or password.

Features Of Lockit APK

Lockit APK is a secure app that allows its user to keep their files in a secure location.

This app stores the files on the device’s internal storage, not in the cloud, this means that it is fully encrypted and will therefore not be accessible to anyone except for the owner of the device.

The app has a clean interface with simple features that make it easy to use and i is a great app for those with limited storage on their device.

This apps are easy to use and provide a safe and secure way to store your files and they’re essential for modern day people who need a place to store their data, documents, photos, videos, contacts and more.

If you ever use your phone to take pictures of something, either at home or in a public space, and then leave it unattended somewhere, the chances are pretty high that someone will steal it.

So having an app that locks your phone is an easy way to protect yourself if you don’t trust how safe you

There is no limit to the amount of files you can store with Lockit and all your files are encrypted as soon as you lock them.

You can hide folders that are not protected by this app and create a private hidden section of your phone.

This app allows you to share access with other people, who then have to enter a password, apart from this, there is also the option of locking the screen with a password.

Are you looking for an app to store your confidential files, such as text messages, emails, photos and videos? Then you might want to try This App.

With Lockit APK, it’s easy to encrypt any file on your device while ensuring that they are safe from unwanted eyes.