How to Install Android Application APK using Android SDK or Play Store

Although Android phones have captured a huge market in the mobile industry, many users still get stuck up with installing and downloading apps.

Since the android internet support community is lacking,

so when it comes to the tricky tasks of downloading and installing third party applications on your mobile phones, you will feel yourself left in the darkness.

For downloading the third party apps you are required to install APK files or android package files.

In this article, we are going to discuss the two common ways to install APK files on your Android phone and you can find out one that suites you the best.

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How to Install Android Applications using Android SDK

If you don’t want to use the android market then you can install APK files by using Android SDK, though the process is more difficult and complex.

For ignoring the Android market, you will have to use the Android SDK.

Steps :

1. Download and install the Google Android SDK program and the Android USB drivers have a look to full step by step guide with Video tutorial.

2. Next you have to modify the Android’s setting for installing applications. Choose settings> select Application settings and then finally enable unknown sources.

Now when you have tap in the settings, choose the “SD card” and “phone storage” and activate “disable use for USB storage”.

3. Finally you have to open command prompt and type the following:

adb install /.apk

4. For next step type the command, replace with the path to APK file and replace with the name of the APK file.

5. Now it is done.

Installing Applications Through The Android Play Store

The android market is growing up like anything, and the reason behind it that today youngsters are really getting passionate about the crazy apps and always busy in looking for something new.

After the Apple’s App store, we already have 10,000 applications, and the number to ought to grow significantly.

Additionally, you can also install the other downloaded third party applications.

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Steps :

1. Copy the APK file to Android’s memory card and insert the same in your phone.

2. Purchase and install, or even you can download the Apps installation and install it on your phone.

3. Once you have installed the apps installer, it will display the APK files on the memory card.

4. Click and install APK files on your mobile phones.

So, Do you want to install APK files in your android devices? If yes then which method you will prefer to install the APK files.