Flipaclip APK Download 2023 | Animate your dreams and bring them to life

FlipaClip – Cartoon animation – a great app for all people with straight arms or who want to make them so. It offers users a unique and very convenient platform for drawing and then creating animated drawings or, in a simple way, cartoons. The principle of operation is classic-frame-by-frame drawing and then running the resulting drawings in order. You can also add your own sound, which makes the work more versatile and productive. Well, convenient management will make the creation process as comfortable as possible and even bring positive emotions.

flipaclip apk download

Make art with our growing community of animators and artists! Create a cartoon, make movie animations and design unique and exciting animations every day! Share your animation creations with the world on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other popular platforms, and search for FlipaClip animations to get inspired!

Whether you’re making movies, sketching, storyboarding, animating or learning, FlipaClip provides the best drawing and animating experience. Cartoon animation is in your hands with simple and intuitive controls that are easy to learn and powerful enough to bring your ideas to life!

Learn photo animation and frame-by-frame animation, draw pictures and turn them into animated gifs, or draw over videos to create a rotoscope video. Create animated videos and cartoons like a pro with FlipaClip!

Draw & Create Animation Clips with Flipaclip

As the name suggests, this app is a virtual art and animation studio. The application allows anyone to produce their own animation project through alternative methods other than traditional art drawing. One example is the video animation tool that allows users to animate any photo or video in their library. In addition, users can also record and add dialogues, sound effects, etc. The best part is that the app also has a solid social media sharing structure that allows users to share their animation online or save it on PC with just a click of a button.

Flipaclip also has various tools that can make animation and graphic creation a lot easier. This includes Art Drawing Tools, Onion Skin Animation Tools, Animation Frames Viewer, Video Animation Rotoscoping, and more! Now is your chance to unleash your animation skills by trying out this app on your PC.

FlipaClip Main features

Install the APK and access the following features and functions in the app:

  • Draw by layers, 3 for free and up to 10 if you have the pro version.
  • FlipaClip includes all the drawing tools you might need: brushes, fill, eraser, rulers, insert text, etc.
  • Handy timeline for easy frame-by-frame animation.
  • Users can add up to six different audio clips to their animations.
  • The final animation can be saved in MP4 video or GIF format.
  • Share the final result on social networks.
  • It includes fun animation challenges where you can even win prizes.